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Python Training

Our Python training is different to other courses - it's 100% practical. Everything is done using exercises and examples, simply because we've found that people learn more by doing rather than listening. We do provide slides and a course book but these are used for reviewing the subjects and for after-course study - from the very beginning we write Python code. All the examples start from an empty page, so there is no concept of just 'filling in the blanks' without really knowing what's going on.

Every course has a large number of standard exercises, but more are added depending on what people need to achieve in their real work. Often students ask ‘how do you’ questions which are answered by 'let's do it' and another class example is born.

This way the courses can be interactive, stimulating, educational, but most importantly - fun! We enjoy teaching Python, so our goal is for you to enjoy it too.

We can cover Python 2 or Python 3, using Windows or Linux. We can vary the course for complete beginners through to experienced programmers. If you just want a quick introduction to coding, or you’re an experienced programmer who wants to find out what Python is about, we can offer ‘Python in a Day’. Most courses would be 4 or 5 days, but if you’d like to spread that over 2 sessions, for example 3 days one week and 2 the next, that would be fine.

Most of our courses are held at your site using your equipment, but if there are 2 or more of you then it could be economic for us to use a hotel or conference centre close to you, or you could come to the Cotswolds where we are based.

Our Python training costs £590 per day in total, so for example a 4 day course for 6 people would cost a total of £2360, or £393 for each student. These prices exclude VAT, accommodation and the instructor’s reasonable expenses. Extra students, up to a maximum of 12, can be added just for the cost of the course books.