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Our goal is to train your whole team with exactly what they need for little more than cost of sending one person on a standard public course from one of the big trainers. When held on your site most of our courses cost £690 per day in total for up to 6 students, plus the instructor's reasonable expenses where appropriate. We don't recommend more than 12 on a course.

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Our customized training features:

We believe that the best person to teach a course is the person who wrote it. Whereas many other training companies will buy in standard course materials and hire a freelance trainer, our courses are always presented by the course author.

The course outlines on this site are only a guide to what we can provide. If you'd like a course which skips the things you already know and covers extra features instead, then just ask.

TGN training

I thought the trainer was absolutely excellent and pitched the level of the course perfectly.

TGN software development
TGN training

The course gave me the confidence that I could become productive in a shorter time than I anticipated.

TGN software development