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The Graphics Network

Training and Development for Windows, Linux and the Web

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The Graphics Network has been providing quality training and software development services since 1988. We are UK based but have provided our services throughout the world, from Scandinavia to Australia.

Our customers include IBM, Sony, Philips, Barclays, Capita, Sky, Nissan and the World Health Organization.

We mainly specialize in Python and the C based languages - C, C++, C# and JavaScript - for everything from web and desktop applications to embedded systems. For the 'backend' we use SQL, including spatial, and of course the HTML family for the web. We also enjoy teaching VBA for Excel, something we have been doing since it was first introduced.

Programmer Training Courses

  • ♦ We provide software development training at your own site given by an experienced trainer and developer.
  • ♦ We customize our courses to meet your exact requirements to maximise training benefits.
  • ♦ We believe that the best person to teach a course is the person who wrote it so our courses are always presented by the course author.
  • ♦ Train your whole team for less than the price of sending 2 people on a public course held by a larger training company.
TGN training

I would highly recommend the training TGN delivers and the methods used.

TGN software development
TGN training

The trainer and the content were fantastic and I can say it was one of the best trainings I’ve had to date!

TGN software development
  • ♦ We provide printed course manuals for easy reference.

Software Development

TGN software development

As usual, all your functions work beautifully!

TGN software development
  • ♦ Take advantage of TGN's long established diverse development experience.
  • ♦ TGN's unique service is that we can provide the full development spectrum including web, desktop or pocket applications, enterprise to embedded, databases to graphics to USB devices.